How To Look Perfect With Elegant Clothing

If you have the attitude and the posture, it is possible to look fabulous if you chose elegant clothing. These clothes do not have to be expensive, and most of the time they are not fashionable in the common understanding of the word.

The most graceful people are dancers whether they be ballet, kathak or Thai dancers. And this is because of their posture. They walk like there is a rope coming out the top of their head stretching the spine to the ceiling. Their spines are straight and their heads are erect.

Very fashionable clothes are rarely sophisticated. They identify a time-period and can easily make a person look old fashioned. They should be classic and therefore timeless.

Each body shape has an ideal cut and style of clothes which will enhance all the best bits of your body whilst disguising the bad bits. Choosing the right cuts for your figure means you will always look fabulous.

Your silhouette tells you straight away if you have it right. If there are lumps and bumps then it is not right and you need to change the style, fabric or size. The ideal silhouette is an hour-glass figure with the waist, bust and hips emphasized. This is done through the right clothes for your shape. If you have it right there will be a smooth, fluid silhouette.

Remember that clothes sizes are rarely consistent throughout European fashion boutiques these days. Elegant clothing must always fit perfectly, and this may mean getting them altered to fit. It is worth the effort, and clothes that are too tight, too long, too short or too big all look awful.

Made to measure is one way to look sophisticated, but it’s possible to achieve on a budget, especially if you are willing to spend time with online boutiques. As long as the clothes don’t look cheap then there is no problem. So avoid shiny nylons, velour and other cheap fabrics; go for heavy cottons, linens and wools. Also remember that ‘less is more’ in regards to body on display. A truly sophisticated woman doesn’t wear mini-skirts, have exposed mid-drift or excessive cleavage.

To finish you need high shoes – as high as you can walk in without resorting to wedge soles. The jewellery should be simple and understated, and the handbag should naturally match the shoes (as if I need to tell you now!). You are now an elegant woman and can be the envy of all other women.

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