How To Handle Back Pain Milwaukee

At least four out of every five people will suffer from back pain in their lifetime. The cause of most back pain Milwaukee instances is due to sprain or strain. It can be helped by using self-help treatments. Medical treatment should be sought if the problem is persistent or severe.

This type of discomfort does not always mean that you are suffering from a serious condition. It can be caused by an awkward movement. This type of movement will cause a muscle to pull or a ligament to sprain. If the ache you experience does not improve after approximately seven days, you should consult your health-care practitioner.

A serious cause of this condition is called sciatica. This could be the cause of a prolapsed disc in the spine. The disc will place pressure on the nerve, and it is this that causes the discomfort. You may experience weakness in the muscles of your legs. Arthritis of your joints or degeneration of your spinal discs could be the cause of the problem. Tumors, inflammation or infections could also be a cause of this condition.

You may be required to undergo a MRI or CT scan to help your doctor make a diagnosis of your condition. These scans will show if there is a serious condition present, or if a nerve has been trapped. X-rays are not suitable for this type of assessment as it will not show the condition of the soft tissues in the area.

To treat the problem, you could take painkillers for a few days. For mild conditions, it is best to keep moving as resting for too long may weaken your muscles and bones. To avoid future problems, you should learn how to lift things correctly, avoid bending over for long periods, and try to maintain good posture when sitting.

During severe back pain Milwaukee periods, your health-care professional might recommend that you undergo injections to relax your muscles. You could get a referral to a chiropractor for suitable treatment. As a last resort, surgery may have to be undergone.

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