How to Get Support to Advance Your Career

Many years back I had a junior called Joseph. He used to be a very nice young man, though not the brightest kid on the block. Nevertheless in the fulness of time Joseph wound up as President of one of the largest firms in the field in which he worked.

So , how does someone who is not the brightest do well in a competitive workplace environment? The secret was that Joseph was always looking for the good in other people. As a result others liked Joseph and they trusted him.

When I asked Joseph how he had come to take on a philosophy of liking other people he told me that he’d been studying leadership quotes one day and had come across several quotes that expounded that if you get someone to like themselves they’ll end up liking you.

He went on to assert that the reason he thought he had done so well was that no-one ever voted against him in the leadership battles that occur when one is climbing the corporate ladder. Sounds straightforward, doesn’t it? Surely it is something you could easily do yourself.

Hence if you want to get on in your career make it your policy to like others. This can seem just like a hard requirement for some individuals, but if you apply yourself and make a real effort to be good, even when you are boiling within, you’ll be amazed by the results you get.

It isn’t easy to discipline oneself to do the things which are tricky. There are frequently small voices inside your head telling you that you are being devious, or not being true to you core values. Don’t hear inner voices that are attempting to dissuade you from your selected trail. You’ve got to have the willpower to fight off anything that is threatening to hold you back.

Since 1995 David Ferrers has focussed his energies on leadership coaching, writing and presenting. He uses leadership quotes a great deal in his work to add substance to his teaching and to inspiration and ideas.

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