How to Get Single Trip Holiday Insurance

Depending on how much you know about single trip holiday insurance, you may need to learn more about this overlooked necessity for travelers. Most people simply think they don’t need it because they don’t expect an accident will happen.

Others believe that their health insurance policies at home will give them coverage if anything happens to them while they’re away. This simply isn’t true though. Most insurance policies only cover you in your own country, and some go further and will only cover you in your state.

Single trip holiday insurance can give you exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re going on one trip in the near future, you simply take out a policy that lasts for the duration of your trip. For a flat fee, you’ll be covered.

Consider a car accident that forces you into a hospital while you’re traveling abroad. You may not know this, but you’ll typically be responsible for the entire bill. Can you imagine having to pay some crazy amount of money like $30,000 to a hospital in another country?

Hence the need for single trip holiday insurance. This same person who may have gotten an injury would have the medical costs covered if he or she had bought a single holiday insurance policy in advance.

While these will generally cover international travel to most places, some single trip holiday insurance packages will prohibit any coverage in certain countries like America and Canada, and other parts of Asia. It’s critical that you make sure the country you’re going to will be covered.

Don’t despair though. If the plans you’re looking at won’t cover the countries you’re visiting, there are still many other single trip holiday insurance deals that will.

The best course of action is the one you’re taking right now. Look into your options, assess the different price points and benefits, and finalize the process in finding a single trip holiday insurance deal that works for you.

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