How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Using Natural Products

When skin is stretched to breaking point there is every chance that unsightly red blemishes will develop. Many of us want to know how to get rid of stretch marks. During pregnancy preventative measures such as constantly oiling or moisturizing the skin can be helpful.

Time can act as a great healer. Often the angry red lines will fade leaving a pale silvery line but that process may take months if not years. If natural potions and lotions can help then there is everything to be gained by trying them.

Moisturizing our skin should be a part of our daily routine. Massaging cream into blemished or scarred skin encourages good circulation. Apply the cream or lotion liberally and rub it in vigorously.

Vitamins are renowned for feeding our skin. Cocoa butter may have a sickly sweet smell that some find hard to stomach but it is crammed with the rich Vitamin E. One large pot of cocoa butter will last a long time and it will take care of and heal your skin admirably.

Vitamin E oil or cream used daily can help to fade the blemishes. Before using any cream or lotion containing Vitamin E a skin test should be carried out to eliminate any allergy. This vitamin is known to aid skin elasticity.

A home remedy is always a winner. Nothing could be more natural than Aloe Vera gel. When the gel is applied to the affected area it feels cold and possibly a little uncomfortable. That strange feeling soon wears off as the gel dries deeply into the surface of the skin.

Tea Tree oil is not for everyone but it does have fabulous healing powers. The oil has an unusual smell which cannot be described as pleasant. Before jumping into bed massage a few drops of Tea Tree oil in and let it sink into the skin overnight.

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