How to Get Rid of Belly Fat – How to Find the Right Diet Plan and Get Rid of Belly Fat Now

Nowadays there are a number of different diets… enough to confuse you as to which diet plan to take to ensure you get rid of belly fat. Some of these diets are valid and some are a complete waste of time. Basically there are actually two types of belly fat namely: subcutaneous and visceral.

Subcutaneous is the fat that lies beneath the skin (sub means beneath and cutaneous means skin), this fat is everywhere in our body and could be thicker in some places than others, its essential to have this form of fat as it’s the one giving us warmth in the winter time, and also this type of fat is known to respond immediately to many flat belly diets.

Another type is the visceral fat…it gets its name from the term viscera (meaning internal organs in the abdomen): this type of fat resides deep within the torso. It wraps itself along other major organs. Sometimes it’s known as hidden fat, as you can be thin but still have a large amount of it in your organs. Visceral fat is known also to be a deadly type of fat that could result in many potentially dangerous diseases as Type 2 diabetes, inflammatory problems and high blood pressure.

Many getting rid of belly fat focus on reducing the amount of calories in our bodies and exercising regularly, which is true, but research has shown that doing only this removes much of the subcutaneous fats. The visceral fat is very difficult to get rid off using the ways used to get rid of subcutaneous. A group of healthy fats known as monounsaturated fatty acids are the key to getting rid of both the two types of belly fat. These fats are in five major categories and they are what forms the basis for getting rid of all the types of belly fat. These, when used with other techniques, ensure that belly fat is history.

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