How To Find The Proper Frame Size For Your Bike

Do you know you should select the right size for your bike? If you choose wrongly, not only you might experience long-term injuries, but the truth is may also be wasting your cash buying the wrong bicycle. So, it is vital for you to purchase the correct frame size when it comes to investing in a bicycle, whether it is a mountain or road type.

Usually, you’d want to search for best suited frame sizes. Lots of people would think sizing is simply a matter of raising the seat or otherwise. But it just doesn’t work that way.

Be aware that a larger bike will have a longer length of tube (top). Likewise, a smaller sized bicycle will have a smaller length. All bikes are also designed in their own right size. You’d need to get just the right size of bike frame for your body.

To begin with, you would have to stand with your legs apart on top of the tube (of the bicycle frame). This is called straddling. For any road or racing bicycle, if you realise there’s an inch between your crotch and also the top of the tube, then it is the correct size. For mountain bicycles, have a range of two to three inches of length between. The straddle technique is usually the more easy and widely used method in the world.

If you’ve got the money and don’t mind spending more, then go for it get yourself a tailor or custom made bike frame. You will get the better angles and dimensions all customized based on your body measurements. Sometimes, this type of frames can make all the improvement you need when cycling.

When in doubt, check with the bicycle store owner and fire him away with inquiries. They are specialists at their field and would certainly gladly assist you. They even can recommend you the proper size for the handle bar and also the correct length for the stem.

Briaan Whyde is a professional writer who writes about bike sizing guide and other similar topics.

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