How To Find Peace Of Mind In This Crazy World

Watch the news and you would think that the world is in a constant state of unrest. There are conflicts that take the place of amity or can there be sense of easiness within struggle. Finding amity might seem like an insurmountable task in times of conflict. One should seek another way to know how to find peace without relying on others or even yourself to manifest this state of continuity and clarity that we all seek.

Should you watch the television, or read the paper or listen to news via the radio your minds must be filled with more dismal info. There is a vortex of negative energy that one feeds, collectively, and unconsciously. This perpetuates the cycle and keeps one from being at amity and being happy.

This chaotic energy is endemic in the world culture now. Almost every individual feels its affects. As the energy keeps revolving more faster, like a hurricane, one can easily get caught up in it with all its negativity. Thus it the reason why so many people do not feel at peace. People ought to be caught up in the negative energy vortex and the mind just goes on and on as if we had no control of our lives.

One should locate something peaceful, something beautiful, something that is manifesting amity. This actually applies to just about everything in nature. An individual should begin with those manifestations that are most recognizable as beautiful and peaceful akin to plants and more specifically, trees and flowers.

Find a living plant in a place where you will have few minutes of uninterrupted time. Make yourself comfortable and prepare your body and mind with some gentle stretches, deep, slow breathing, and making yourself comfortable. Once settled, focus on the object of amity. Proceed to notice small details, lines, curves, points of interest.

Begin to imagine what it would feel like to be that plant. Imagine the feeling of having your roots spread out into the cool earth. Think about what they would feel like, not as a human, but as the plant. Notice the steam or trunk and imagine how it feels to be reaching upward, strong and connected.

Begin to imagine your own body in the same way as you see the plant, connected, growing, branching out, blossoming, showing your beauty without reserve. Find the same feeling of at ease within yourself. You are a manifestation of the same force that is manifesting the plant. Know that you also represent amity, naturally. Experience the sensation of opening up to the universe because that is your nature. This simple practice is one way to incorporate mindfulness-based stress reduction into your daily living.

Thus watch them shift, almost overnight, into states happiness and peace. You only need to be shown how to find peace. When you shift your state of consciousness, by intending to, your life also shifts. Not only will you find increasing joy and peace from life, but you will receive the inner guidance to fulfill your life purpose and create greater prosperity too. The choice is up to you to make should you want to meet your desires.

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