How to Enhance Your Press-ups In Five Easy Steps

There are folk who continually do press-ups with the aim of building strength. There are those who do it solely to have bragging rights. And, accept it or not, a few of the people also do press-ups in order to raise charity funds. Irrespective of what your inducement is, you would most likely want to increase your press-up numbers. Following is a methodical Workout System that will help you in doing just that.

Step 1: Execute one press-up correctly. You begin by lying face-down on a leveled surface, placing your hands about 6 inches away from each of your shoulders. Keeping your core rigid, press your hands against the ground and then push up until you can hold your arms straight without locking. Lower your body slowly until it is just a centimeter or two from the ground and then push yourself up again. Remember to breathe as you push up and breathe out as you bring yourself back down.

Step 2: Perform one set of press-ups when you wake up each morning and then another set before you go to bed. One set is composed of the maximum amount of press-ups you can properly execute.

Step 3: Be aware of the amount of press-ups you probably did for each set.

Step 4: Execute the morning and evening press-ups for 3 sequential days, take five for a day, and then go thru the three-day press-up series again.

Step 5: Right after each break, struggle to add another repetition to each press-up set. If you can't do so without cheating, then reduce the quantity of repetitions by one.

You can use the workout system released above to establish your baseline press-ups numbers. However if you're planning to join a challenge, sporting occassion, or any other one-time activity, then you might want to do any of three things that can help boost your score. You could clench your ass, squeeze your pectorals towards each other, or tighten your core. These strategies effectively shift your press-ups load to different muscles.

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