How To Decide Between The Different Types Of Protein Powder For Weight Loss

When it comes to the fitness world, consumers are over run with advertisements for what is the best protein powder for weight loss. The truth is that their is not just one best kind, it varies depending on the person’s needs. If a person can determine what their specific needs are in a supplement, they will have the tools to purchase the best type of supplement to help them achieve the best results.

Many consumers purchase a powder without even understanding why a supplement like this is recommended. More complete proteins are received by the body through these powders, giving the body more amino acids. The buildup of these acids creates an easier environment for muscle mass to grow. That muscle will then replace the fat, therefore aiding in your weight loss.

The basic four types of powder that can be found in multiple brands are whey, soy, egg, and casein. Whey is typically the most popular and recognizable to beginners. This is a milk based product that increases metabolism, while boosting immunity. One positive is this type is usually the cheapest in price, making it a great starter product. However, a common compliant is the bloating feeling it leaves the user.

Soy is best option for anyone wanting to avoid dairy, such as vegans or lactose intolerant suffers. This type does all of same things as whey in terms of metabolism changes. Some added benefits of soy include disease preventive antioxidants and cholesterol lowering isoflavones. Soy has also been known for giving users a boost in energy.

Regular eggs are loaded in vitamins, minerals, and most importantly protein. These benefits can all be found in the egg version of powder, making it a favorite with some consumers. A benefit often mentioned of this specific type is the lower carbohydrate levels. It also contains a rather large number of muscle building amino acids. The most common negative feedback is that the same benefits can typically be found in regular eggs for a cheaper price.

Casein is a milk based product that shares many similarities with whey. The main difference between the two is the rate at which the powder is digested and absorbed in the body. Casein moves much slower and remains in the body for a longer time period. This is why it is best to be taken before bed, versus with meals as the other types. This type is filled with amino acid glutamine that helps preserve current muscle and immunity.

Not all products that are available for consumers to purchase are considered safe. It’s very important that consumers personally research whichever specific brand they have decided to commit to before using. Some products have been linked to dangerous side effects. It’s also important to communicate with your doctor to insure that your body can benefit and tolerate whichever type you have chosen.

When researched and used correctly, protein powder for weight loss can create positive results. Not one type of product is better than the other, just different in its benefits. This makes it possible for protein to benefit almost anyone if they find the type that is best for their needs.

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