How To Connect To Your Subconscious Mind

Since the subconscious mind is always in control of our behavior (in the long run) it seems crucial that we understand how it operates. Successful mind training requires that knowledge. Creating a happy, successful, fear free life also requires it. Here are some basic concepts that should be helpful.

The [Power Of The Subconscious Mind]

Have you ever gone to bed shortly after watching a scary movie? More often than not you have some sort of nightmares, right? Even if you can’t recall being woken from the nightmares, there is a good chance that you had them. The occurrence of the nightmares is a prime example of the awesome power of our subconscious minds. While you watched the movie your conscious mind was creating thoughts and images of the parts that you found scary. If you don’t change those thoughts before going to sleep, then your subconscious mind has nothing to work with other than the movie you just watched. During sleep is the most effective time for the subconscious mind, because there is no chance of conflicting signals coming from the conscious mind. This is why when making an important decision people will sometimes want to “sleep on it”.Ultimately your subconscious mind knows what’s in your best interest, and will nudge you in that direction. Without the negative influence of the conscious mind, which tends to make decisions based on emotion rather than logical thought, your subconscious is free to do what it does best. That is, to help you achieve whatever it is you desire.Now that we’ve determined that sleep is the best time for your subconscious mind to handle its work, we need to be sure that the scary movie thoughts are replaced with positive, problem solving and productive thoughts. This way, when your subconscious mind gets working it is addressing the issues of most importance to you, and not caught up with trivial matters that are out of your control anyway.Following is a list of ten methods you can apply to your life that will help you access your subconscious mind.Although the ideal situation would be to apply these tactics right before bed, it’s not practical to expect to do so. I also think there are advantages to applying them throughout the day so that you’re sure the things you want are reaching your subconscious mind.Like anything else, these concepts will become easier with practice, but even when implemented poorly or improperly, you should still begin to see substantial results.The easiest way to be sure you’re thinking about things that are important is to leave physical reminders. There are a number of ways you can do this. The simplest is to write yourself notes. A to-do list can be helpful, though it’s easy to have your primary goals blend in with other, less important daily activities.What I suggest instead, and have found personal success with, is to firmly and clearly write your goal or desire on an note card or piece of paper and put it in a strategic location. I did this with my recent weight loss goal.The idea being that you will see it often, and the goal or thought will begin to fester in your mind, even if you are unaware of what’s taking place.

Unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious mind never sleeps. It is always doing things. When we learn how to contact it and use it (through mind training), we can set it to working on things for us even while we are asleep.

The subconscious mind is a fully positive function. It does not even recognize negatives such as no, don’t, or can’t. So, one of the first steps in mind training is to begin thinking in positive terms. Tell yourself what you can do rather than what you can’t do and what you should do rather than what you shouldn’t. Say, “I want to ….” rather than, “I don’t want to ….” or I must start doing,” rather than “I must stop doing ….” Also, understand that when the subconscious mind hears a negative, it typically assumes it was meant to be positive. When it hears, “Don’t do that,” it interprets the message as, “Do that.” It hears, “Just say no,” and it interprets the message as…

A main function of the subconscious mind is to direct our behavior. It pays close attention to what we do and what we say and think about ourselves and puts all that into the form of directives. Once it believes it knows how we want to behave (act, think, react) it sends us powerful messages that require us to behave according to those directives. Since the subconscious mind is often not a particularly good observer it sometimes makes mistakes about what we want. For example, it if sees us being fearful when around strangers it assumes that we want to be fearful at those times so it assembles a fear directive that requires us to be fearful in those situations.

It’s extremely easy to become distracted from the goals that are most important.Typically, when you lose focus on what’s important it’s because your conscious mind becomes occupied with something. Although your subconscious mind wants to continue working on the original plan, your attention is diverted from the ultimate goal to something more timely, but usually not nearly as important.When your focus shifts, the ability of your subconscious mind to take on and solve the problems you’ve laid out for it becomes significantly lower. To counteract this, you’ve got to make a conscious effort to maintain your focus on the issues that you want your subconscious to concentrate on. By this I mean you’ve got to be aware of the distractions that are presented to your conscious mind, and do your best to flush them out.Once you understand how to filter your thoughts so that only the absolutely important ones make it to your subconscious, you’re on your way to realizing its potential.The only way to truly understand progress is to see where you were then, and compare it to where you are now. To see a visual map of the road you traveled is an important step towards reaching your ultimate goal.To begin, take the goal you’d like to achieve, the one that you’ve been calling on your subconscious mind to accomplish, and write it down in as much detail as you can.Next, identify a few of the stages or milestones that you plan to reach on the way towards achieving that goal. Keep them in your mind as necessary benchmarks.Now when you approach those benchmarks you’ll be able to see how far you’ve come, as well as how much further you have to go.The road map lets your subconscious know that it’s on the right track, that it’s making progress, and what the next benchmark is, so it can apply its efforts accordingly.It’s easy to tell your subconscious that your goal is to end world hunger. However, when you do that, and then realize that such a goal is beyond your scope of ability, you’ve set yourself up for failure. As a result you become discouraged and risk losing faith in yourself.A better way to accomplish your goal is to set a goal that challenges you, yet is realistic. If ending world hunger is your ultimate goal, how about setting your first goal at ending hunger in your community. Once you’ve accomplished that goal, then you can broaden your scope and work on something bigger.

Mind training can help alleviate the bad stuff and replace it with good stuff. Most people can benefit from working through a mind training program that helps determine the types of directives one has stored and teaches techniques to replace the harmful directives with helpful ones.

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