How to Choose a Roofing Contractor

[I:]A very scary realization that a homeowner can have is that they need to find a roofer contractor for their home. As a homeowner, you should be well aware that your home’s first defense against most severe weather conditions is your roof. It should be leak-free, windproof, and should last you a long-time depending on the materials used. Whether you’re in need of a chimney work, a new roof, or a simple roof repair, it’s time to find yourself an excellent roofer to do the job. It may take time and research, but we encourage you to follow these tips to help you get started:

You’ll want to interview several roofers first. Create a list of contractors, and prepare questions for them. Here are some speaking points that you should be prepared for:

1. What was your first impression of the roofer?

2. Do they seem credible?

3. Ask for certifications and proof of insurance.

4. Their business license number, if they have one. They should!

5. Ask for references

6. Have they addressed them?

7. The training and years of experience the roofing workers and project manager have.

8. How many years of experience does the roofing contractor have?

9. Ask for references and try to contact them

After you’ve narrowed down your list it’s time to collect estimates. Allow me to make a critical point: Do not make your decision based on price. As you interview several roofers, you’ll find that their prices vary dramatically for the same job. The reason some roofers charge more is to allow them to profitably perform maintenance on your roof down the road, or for any unforeseen issues that arise during the construction process. In this case, if they do uncover a separate issue during the roof construction they will see to fixing it rather than letting it fall by the wayside. Whereas if you drive the price down where the contractor is barely covering their costs, the lower end contractors will have no incentive to help with other roofing issues or maintenance down the road.

Go with your instincts when choosing a roofing contractor. Your choice should ultimately leave you confident that they can handle the job and handle it effectively. They should also offer a manufacturer guarantee on the materials that they intend to use on your roof. Once they begin their work you should feel comfortable surveying the job and communicating throughout the process. Let the process be fun, and not a stressful one. The construction of your roof should be an enjoyable experience and should leave you with a product that you can be proud of for decades.

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