How To Change Your Life In Just 30 Minutes A Day

The 21st century has brought on a whole new set of challenges for many of us, bringing the infamous how to change your life topic to new and unexpected heights. To steal a line from one of my faves, Lewis Black; “Even a good fiction writer couldn’t have come up with this.”

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It’s really quite simple. You see the Universe is set up to reflect our current belief system. Every belief we have is reflected back to us. If you think that everyone around you is critical and uncaring, you will find yourself very lonely, for that belief will be reflected right back onto you make no mistake about that. In today’s economy many believe that ‘money is tight’ as a consequence they are learning about financial hardship.

The process of how to change your life probably will involve some sort of change or reinvention of yourself, but not from the perspective of a total revamp. Consider the following: Cut some seriously undisturbed time for yourself. Everything off… no multi-tasking.Grab a pen and paper and list, or storyboard if you will, every one of your strengths… think hard on this, I mean every one.Now, look at those already established strengths and search for connections or ideas you probably haven’t thought of in the spirit of creating a new direction for yourself with those abilities that you already own.

Just think of it as a movie screen and the film being projected onto that screen as being yourself, your beliefs. As soon as you change your beliefs that new imagine will then be the one reflected back to you.

Now you know what is the problem but knowing about a problem and actually doing something about it are two totally different things. What is needed is a process which will automatically change your belief system to produce positive results.

Motivational material can be anything. If you read the Bible, try reading Psalms and Proverbs for 20 minutes a day. There are also many great authors available that you can read. My personal favorites are Tony Robbins, Lisa Diane, Jack Canfield, and Wallace Wattles, the author of “The Science of Getting Rich”.

There is a way of using Affirmations whereby you do not need to believe in the process because the belief is actually created by the process. Or it is a set of beliefs transferred onto another set of beliefs.

The process stems from NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) and uses something called “pacing” and “leading” statements. To start with you Affirm things you already know to be true for example, “My name is… ” “I live at… ” two plus two equals four. “I am having a hard time right now”.

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