How To Burn Body Fat And Melt Away Flabby Arms and Thighs

Don’t just hate it? You will walking along and feel the thighs of your pant legs rubbing together. Or worse than this, you will hear the “swoosh, swoosh, swoosh” noise that your thighs make while you are walking. Your biggest fear is that everyone else will hear it too so then you try to concentrate on walking without your thighs making that noise, which by the way is near impossible. Your thighs are one of the hardest areas to tone up, but it is possible.

One of the best exercises to trim your thighs is to take up running. Running, especially uphill will trim the fat from your thighs in a very short time if done on a consistent basis. While running uphill your thigh muscle has to undergo a great workout. Although this is very hard work you will have great looking thighs to account for it. Another great exercise to melt away your thighs is squats. These are a little bit easier than running uphill, but still require consistency in your efforts to accomplish getting the thighs that you long for.

Another area that causes many women great distress is the upper arms. You know the kind of flabby arms that I am talking about. These are the flabby arms that when you wave you can see the jiggle, jiggle underneath. Drats! You put them right back down again and vow to never wave again. To get rid of flabby arms is relatively easy, but it does not come overnight. You have to work at it for months usually.

To get rid of your flabby arms you will need to grab some weights. With weights in your hands hold your arms straight up in the air. Now, with both arms bending at the elbows bring them down alongside of each of your ears. Lift them up in the air again and then bring them down again, bending at the elbow only. Do you feel the pull in the muscle area where your flabby arm is the most noticeable? This is a great exercise for flabby arms and this exercise will work your muscle to banish it.

Another great exercise for flabby arms is done using a chair. While sitting on a chair scoot yourself to the edge placing your hands on the edge of the chair and then lower yourself to a squatting position on the floor. Now, do the reverse and get back up placing your buttocks on the end of the chair. Let your flabby arms do all the work and they will soon be toned and firm. Can you feel your muscle working when you do this?

Concentrated exercising in these areas takes a great deal of consistent effort. You can melt away flabby arms and thighs though if you are willing to put forth the hard work to accomplish it. 

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