How to build muscle mass while still looking ripped?

I've always been a very thin person. Ever since i was a kid and even now i am still thin, but i'm ripped. I've worked out here and there in my life, but never too much. I never really built much strength, i just got toned or "ripped". Well, i've been wanting to build muscle mass and muscle strength, but i still want to look pretty ripped or toned. How do i go about achieving this? Any workout routines and nutrition guides are a plus. I am:

18 yrs old

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  1. Afteradream says:

    You are probably an ectomorph so you will always look ripped. Check out, it's a blog for skinny guys gaining muscle. It has all the info you need to start gaining muscle mate.

    Best of luck

  2. martial artist says:


    its got a meal plan, nutrition guide, 12 workouts, the works

    all you need is 90 days and some dumbells

  3. lift heavy doing bench squats deadlifts and hang cleans

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