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  1. is 35 minutes of cardio twice a week bad followed by two upper body work out ant two lower body work outs a week.

  2. freenaturaldiets says:

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  3. Constantine310 says:

    After a hard or intense workout ur body is in a catabolic state drink whey protein or something that will digest fast, because u want the body to be in an anabolic state feeling refuled

  4. dynamicwellness33 says:

    amazon is a good spot

  5. tharealnazim says:

    @dynamicwellness33 where can i read that?

  6. dynamicwellness33 says:

    read “good calories bad calories” by gary taubes, that explains all of it

  7. tharealnazim says:

    @dynamicwellness33 i dont understand your point lol

  8. dynamicwellness33 says:

    the calories in vs calorie out model is blatantly un true. Your forgetting hormonal effects food has. Carbs increase insulin=fat storage, protein and fat increase glucagon=increase fat buring and metabolism

  9. lilgirlsj says:

    eat leans

  10. danielhfd says:

    good video so how can i retain my muscle mass but lose weight at the same time?

  11. tharealnazim says:

    i’m sorry but actually, you have to do cardio to loose weight….whats the fat? it’s the calories that you ate more then you spent during a day. And cardio is the best method to loose that calories. I didn’t say go crazy in cardio. But you can for example do high intensity cardio: like jog 30 seconds – sprint 10 seconds 20 push ups and do it over many times you can

  12. desmond1639 says:

    finaly, somebody that knows what he is talking about. I am sick of these so called experts that claim what they are talking about, but all they do is repeat the same garbage that the crooked scientist are saying. And they made up most of it.

  13. jesusgarciab says:

    Forget abput weight, it is not that important. If you are getting slimmer that would mean KillaSamos is kind of right, you are losing fat and gaining muscle. BUT sadly genetics are not fair, some people just will have to work harder in order to look in shape as some other people can eat like a pig and not move at all, and still be thin.

  14. jesusgarciab says:

    I am not sure about those tea recipes… Do not make sense to me… what I am sure is, High tempterature does not increase your metabolism, actually it makes the opposite effect. Metabolism produces heat, if you add extra heat, your body will have to produce sweat to cool of. Sweating will basically get you dehydrated. If your body is unable to cool down with sweat, then it will lower its metabolic rate. Cold tempetature WILL rise it.

  15. KingGhidora2000 says:

    That muscle looks like a huge prime cut steak. :q

  16. TurboSS7423 says:

    i like this guy

  17. BryanEKS89 says:

    You also have to understand that they don’t do that all year round, if they do that at all. People need to stop looking at pros on how to train effectively. That’s why most people fail.

  18. BryanEKS89 says:

    I’m not saying cardio is bad. But these guys are genetic freaks on more drugs than just steroids, like 80 grand, or more, worth of drugs. But if you think that is effective, then try doing 45 minutes of intense cardio every day and see what happens.

  19. Are you saying cardio is bad? I have to stay at 8 minute miles so how else would that be possible without running a few miles?

  20. 1pick2sticks says:

    They do this to lean out and lose more fat, while eating a hight protein low carb diet.

  21. 1pick2sticks says:

    If cardio is so bad, why do pro body builders like Jay Cutler, Lee Preist, Ronnie Coleman up the cardio sometimes to two 45 minutes sessions a day?

  22. hotnfitbabe says:

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  23. TheSnow41 says:

    to the author or anybody what if i get on a treadmill and run a mile just one time only will i lose muscle

  24. BryanEKS89 says:

    Great video. Especially on the cardio. Many people who are trying to build strength and size do things like sled pulling, and some sort of short high intensity training. Long cardio will completely ruin results.

    But you should have mentioned carbs and protein as well. If you want to cut fat off, you need to control carbs, if you want to build muscle, you need to consume high amounts of protein (1.5 to 2 grams).

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