How To Attain The Well Rounded Action Hero Physique Of Jason Statham

Following celebrity workout plans is a growing trend in gym users around the world. One of the most popular choices these days, particularly among men looking to achieve an action hero physique, is the Jason Statham workout routine.

This particular workout routine is not your standard 3 x 12 workout by any means. In fact, it is one of the most unusual plans in Hollywood today, incorporating tons of variety and obscure exercises which most people have never performed before.

Borrowing from techniques which are not practised in most public gyms, you’ll encounter exercises which are usually found in hardcore strength gyms and crossfit conventions, such as the power clean and rope climb. The emphasis is clearly on building muscle which is not only nice to look at but also functional and strong.

The workout is performed as a circuit, with three stages. They are:

Stage 1: Cardio warm up.

Stage 2: High intensity interval training.

Stage 3: Full body resistance circuit.

Stage one is a simple warm up which lasts 10 minutes. You should choose an exercise which prepares you for your chosen exercises in the later stages, such as a rowing machine. Keep the intensity at a moderate level here so as not to peak to early in the session. Once you have completed a 10 minute warm up, it’s on to phase two. This stage involves a much more difficult cardiovascular test – high intensity interval training.

Of course, HIIT is based upon the theory of switching from a moderate level of intensity to a very high level rather than just keeping the workout at the same pace. It has been proven to increase fat burning by nine times compared to regular cardiovascular exercise but the secret to success comes in allowing for sufficient recovery between your short interval bursts of maximal intensity. This session lasts 15 minutes. Try to fit in as many 30 second bursts as you can, allowing around 2 minutes for recovery – but if you need longer than that, just take longer.

By the time you reach stage three you should already be feeling the effects of this workout. Phase three consists of a circuit involving body weight exercises, compound lifts and functional strength moves. You can fill this circuit with any exercises you choose, so long as you are careful to ensure it offers you a full body workout and doesn’t stick to one particular muscle group. However, if you want to workout exactly like your favorite action hero then these exercises would be the group to choose from:

Hanging Leg raise x 20

Dips x 20

Weighted rope pull x 5

Rope climb x 5

Skipping x 30 seconds – high knee version.

Wide-grip pull-ups x 15

Deadlift x 20

Barbell Squat x 20

Barbell Bench Press x 20

Barbell Clean And Press x 20

Dumbbell Swing x 20 reps – use a dumbbell as an alternative to kettlebells, giving a new twist to a popular old exercise.

The circuit is formed by choosing six exercises from the list above or entering your own preferred choices into the slots. Perform all six moves without any rest, before taking a 5 minute break at the end of a full round. Try to perform around 6 circuits in total, this should give you an overall workout time of between 60-90 minutes.

While the Jason Statham workout certainly offers the ability to tone you up and build lean muscle, it’s primary skill is it’s ability to improve your strength and physical performance. Each exercise should be performed with intensity and force, maintaining an explosive but strict form.

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