How much muscle mass will you lose if you don’t eat for 19 hours, and what should I do to gain it back?

I've been training and eating consistently for 3 months, weights every second day and eating 4-5 large meals a day. I had to go 19 hours without eating and now it looks like I've lost a fair bit of muscle mass. Will it take long to gain the muscle mass back, and what would be the best foods to eat once I start eating again.

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  1. you haven't lost any muscle, it's just lost a little tone, and a small bit of mass. make sure you get plenty of protein, carbs (but try to do whole grains, not white things) and fruits and veggies. vitamins (from food, or supplement) will be your best friend. depending on how hard you train, it shouldn't take long, but make sure you give your body time to recover between training sessions.

  2. I highly doubt you lost any substantial muscle mass. Just go back to your normal routine and everything should be fine. Going that long without eating isn't really that big of a deal anyway.

  3. You didnt lose mass.
    You just loss water retention, thus MAKES you look like your arms got smaller.

    It takes WEEKS to lose muscle that will be noticable by eye-sight.

    The body has an incredible ability to store energy.

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