How long will it be before I see some differnece in muscle mass, lifting weights?

I just managed to borrow some weights from a friend, currently the single dumbells are at 5kg each, but they are changeable.

How long before I see some difference in muscle mass, lifting bout half hour a day? I am an 18 yr old female.

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  1. This depends on quite a few variables. The average work out should be about 45 minutes in leangth and variation is also very important. If you manage to change up the way you lift you will keep your muscles guessing and thus they will change faster. With the light weights you will be toning so I reccomend doing a bit of cardio (jumping rope/running) to add to the caloric burn. Also doing some pushups and situps will further the caloric burn. Doing this regularly should result in significant differences in 1 to 3 months. If you want to see more muscle gain then you should try to supplement your diet with more protein however it is also good to get a strong toned base before doing this so that the mass gain doesn’t stop the muscle from showing. Hope this helps.

  2. dancinginnc says:

    It depends on how heavy the weight is and how long or how many reps u do. It also depends on how much body fat that you have.

  3. itsatimthing says:

    Also, pull ups would be of benefit!!



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