How long do supplements stay in your body before they actually come out?

My boyfriend takes supplements for working out and he drinks tons of water. We just wanted to know how long does the supplements stay in his system? He goes to the bathroom a lot and wonders if he just pee’s out the supplements right away?

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  1. alyosha_snow_crash says:

    Most vitamins flush through your system within 24 hours. Most minerals have the capacity to build up, sometimes to toxic levels (thinking iron and calcium here), so watch overdoing those. If he’s peeing green, he can cut back on the vitamin C (as a matter of fact, he SHOULD cut back if it’s green).

    The other thing is to be careful about drinking water just to drink water- you can overhydrate your body, which can cause a very dangerous situation! Drink when you’re thirsty, or immediately after a workout to rehydrate your system, not just to curb hunger all the time.

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