How I Was Able to Arrest Excessive Armpit Sweating

I was at the peak of desperation, hoping to uncover some miracle that would liberate me from sweating armpits. I had no idea where to begin. I spent as much on new shirts as I did on food, in a hapless attempt to stay one step ahead of the sweat fiend, but just ended up with drawers full of messed up shirts. I was incessantly self-conscious. Every so-called cure seemed to merely worsen the problem. I had to avoid cameras like the plague. There’s no hiding those sweat circles when the all-seeing camera flash gets its way.

I seemed to be at a dead end, so I went online and searched like mad. It turns out that what was plaguing me was pretty straightforward, and it’s called hyperhidrosis.

Medicine has actually made some progress against hyperhidrosis, including some effective treatments like:

Get your act together: Give up a lot of the fun in life by ditching alcohol and Thai food and pretty much anything else that gives me joy. Most who recommend this approach tout it as a natural answer, but doctors don’t normally start here because it’s not a permanent solution for many of us.

The 1st course is generally an especially concentrated antiperspirant utilising the same active ingredient you find in off-the-shelf brands. Doctors can prescribe even more concentrated versions if that doesn’t do the trick. One drawback is the possibility to suffer significant skin soreness.

Medication: Something called an antichollergenics drug can forestall sweat gland stimulation. There is no guarantee these drugs will be successful. Additionally, they could cause inconvenient symptoms like a dry mouth or a disposition toward feeling dizzy.

If you’re not afraid to be connected to an electrical power source and put your hands or feet in a pail of water, then perhaps iontotherapy is for you – FDA approved!

Botox: Yep, that’s right. Botox! Apparently they can pump this in you to stop excessive armpit perspiration by temporarily blocking the nerves that make it occur. Wow, that sounds serious, but talk to your doctor if you suppose it might work, I guess. But, be forewarned – one major side effect is serious pain.

PLEASE NOTE: Excessive perspiration can be a sign of something more dangerous. So please consider talking to your doc – especially if the sweating had a sudden start or if there are other symptoms along with it, such as rapid weight loss, poor appetite or a temperature.

For me? Well the answer came down to a potent over-the-counter antiperspirant. I tested it out on a small patch to make certain I wasn’t allergic, then went ahead and started applying it as directed. I put it on each night for a few weeks, then weekly, then every 3-4 weeks, and now I put it on just once every few months for good measure.

So, how am I now? Utterly free of the worries of excessive perspiration. It’s just not a concern of mine any longer.

There are a lot of options and information available. There’s even a large online support forum where you and fellow sufferers can compare notes. Please seek out the facts, including a few of the solutions outlined above, and end this unpleasant problem today.

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