How Effective Are Fad Diets in Long-term Weight Loss

Trend diets are individual diets and eating patterns that cause short term weight loss. They do not truly work on long-term weight loss. Trend diets typically lack the energy, acceptable protein, fat-soluble vitamins, and some minerals that are essential for growing.

I am going to give you some disappointing stories, trend diets do not work!! I know you need to shed the pounds inside a short period of time, I know you want to keep it off BUT fad diets will not do this. You can lose the weight within record time but you will put that weight back on as quickly as your diet has finished. Fad diets are invented to keep folks entertained. They’re misconceptions. They give fallacious information and do not help at all.

The right way for you to shed the pounds is to do regular cardiovascular exercises, join up to a gymnasium to use their weight facilities and keep a regular healthy diet that meets your metabolic necessities. Set yourself a long term goal instead of a short term goal and contact a personal trainer to provide professional advice. That way you are less likely to fall into any of those fad diets.

You can mostly tell that a certain diet is fraudulent if it suggests you may lose 20stones in 14 days, you can get a six pack within 2 weeks. These sort of results are impossible. They are just there to con people and get money out of those struggling to shed some pounds. Majority of the time these diets will result in you losing pounds BUT also losing lean body mass. This means your lean body mass will slow down your bodies metabolism resulting in you putting the weight back on and more weight.

Losing weight requires time. You might find after a month at the gym you have not lost as much as you needed to but that does not imply that you are not losing anything. You simply need to keep at it and perhaps invest in someone to help you. Never fall for the diets that are attempting to drag you in. Regardless of how desperate you could be. Remember if something seems too good, it is most likely too good to be accurate.

Carlos Edwards is a personal trainer at Fitness London and is a guru in Biosignature Modulation and Biosignature Research techniques.

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