How does a girl who worked out with weights to long lose muscle mass?

My girlfrind used to work out with free weights every day in order to tone up her body. Her X-personal trainer / boyfriend was pushing her way to hard to increase her strength. He had a different idea of what she should look like then she did. After almost one year her arms and upper body were extremly large, Larger then most guys. She stopped working out over a year ago but still remains grossly large. She says that she wishs her muscle mass on her arms and sholders would shrink but she doesn’t know if there is any thing she can do to make them smaller. Is there any thing that she can do to reduce the size of her Tricepts and sholders ?

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  1. Billy Jack says:

    O.K Here’s what she has to do. The other answers about reducing her protein intake and keeping her on a steady high rep / low weight exercise program and not working out her shoulders or arms are correct. But, She will also have to do the following.

    1. If she takes vitamins make sure she stops taking any vitamin D ( D helps promote healthy muscles and will help maintain her size. So she will want to cut her Vit. D intake for a while )

    2. Cut intake of meats and nuts. ( High protein sources )

    3. Although this may seem strange, she should slightly increase her natural sugar intake with fruits like apples and such. ( Sugar breaks down muscle mass. )

    4. Last but not least. In a few months when her muscle mass has decreased. she will need to tone up her upper body by doing super low weight and extremely high reps as mentioned before. (This will help her tighten up her muscles and reduce fat with out building to much bulk.)

    If she follows that guild line she should see her desired results.

  2. I’m sure I’ll get yelled at by people who say this is wrong, but… don’t work those muscles out anymore and reduce protein intake? That way the body has to break down the protein of the muscles to get its protein instead of getting it from food?

  3. Pitt Bull says:

    Don’t workout and eat foods high in fat for at least a week and if she see’s muscle mass loss in her Triceps and shoulders keep on with it until she’s at normal mass. By the way make sure she works out her Abominable (Abs) and areas that don’t include the Triceps and Shoulder area because she will be putting on some weight, that’s what will lower her muslce mass.

  4. speed up her metabolism. remember water is what helps to volumize muscles so speeding up her metabolism, emphasizing cardio in her workouts and doing medium weights with more reps and shorter rest times will help to tone down some of the bulk. by the way Im a trainer and my sexiest clients have some of the most well defined shoulder and triceps… when I wanted to thin them out a little I put them on a cycling heavy intense cardio regimen (30-60 miles a day)…

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