How do I keep muscle mass after working out?

I want more muscular pecs so how do I keep the muscle mass after doing so? I usually drink milk right after working out, but what else can I do?

Oh, and I’m 16 so pills and crap is out of the question too.

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  1. Well, in order to make your workout more efficient, you should have a protein shake before and after you work out. This gives your muscles the proper building blocks and allows them to heal faster after workouts (muscles rip when working out, that’s why they grow). Milk is a very good idea after a strenuous workout because it has twice the electrolytes as gatorade! But make sure you get plenty of protein (around 20g) before and after. They best way to keep your muscle mass is to work out often. Even if you decide to stop building for a while, you should do a little (10 min) workout routine every day or two just to keep the muscles.
    By the way, protein shakes/bars can be bought at any vitamin store and taste pretty good.
    Good Luck!

  2. Eat protein rich foods and keep working out.

  3. Big kitty in the gutter says:

    stretch,; this moves lactic acid out for faster recovery,
    eat protien; the building blocks of muscles.
    sleep. recovery time.

  4. You have to keep doing them. Get a diet. Eat veggies and fruits to maintain the muscle.

  5. Lol @ milk.
    You need protein man. A protein shake/bar will be great for an after work out snack. You need to get those lean meats in your body. Chicken is great as well as fish. Nuts/trailmix is a good snack too for when you are hungry for a snack.

  6. you can get protein mix from complete nutrition or GNC or the internetz they help =D

  7. i loled at core2bbq’s answer. milk is protein.

    milk is the best thing you can have after a workout. drink milk, or buy protein powder and mix it with milk. keep lifting, but always remember, your muscle doesnt grow WHILE you are lifting, its the resting periods where you are really getting stronger. lift every other day.

  8. If you want to build up muscle mass you want to have 5 meals a day… you should have 2 meals that have fruit and protein
    Then a meal of Carbs and proteins during the middle of the day
    Then Lift
    Then another Carb/ Protein meal
    Then have a big dinner filled with protein and rich in nutrients

    Also i would recommend getting mens 1-a-day pill i know u do not want it but i take it and i got me quite big.

    Keep a consistent time schedule and change up your lifting routine when it gets to easy

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