How do I get my cat ready for competition and increase muscle mass?

I’ve been trying to get my cat ready to compete, but am not sure how since I’ve never done this before. I’ve replaced his toys with much heavier toys to give him a better workout, and have been running him on the treadmill, but am not sure of other exercises. I’ve also been mixing in my protein pump powder with his food – is there a product like this specifically designed for building muscle mass in felines?

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  1. Id suggest putting him on a raw cat food diet. Alternating meals with dry food that is high in ANIMAL protein ( do not exceed 50% protein diet or health complications may occur ).

    Cats like Humans and all other animals are born with a genetic makeup. Some are tall short fat skinny strong weak smart etc..each is different and has its different traits.

    Just keep him active and outside (lots of trees to climb). With the diet i mentioned above he should bulk up. PLENTY OF WATER. And living toys to entertain

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