How do I build up muscle mass without taking substances?

I don’t want to take steroids or any of those other "cheating" methods. I don’t mind doing it the hard way, I just want to know how I can build up my muscle mass without any adverse side effects… the natural way.

Can someone help me out?

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  1. mostassuradlyso says:

    In order to put on mass you have to acquire mass. Increase your food intake. If you stay the same and lift and lift and lift you will not build bigger muscles but the ones you have will be very strong. If you increase your weight and size then the lifting will turn the extra weight into muscle, some sports programs used to call it bulking up. If you are in a strenous exercise and lifting program you will increase your muscle size and body size. Remember to eat the things your body needs and for a rigerous program the increase should be in the areas of proteins like red meat and beasn. Books from the library about nutrition and weightlifting would be helpful also. That is where I got the information for my program as I wanted to increase my size and stamina for football and I achieved my goal in size and award of bench pressing 250 lbs deadweight. It took about 6 months of work and training but it is worth the effort. Stay away from the steroids and drugs. It can be done naturally and I say good for you.

  2. the only way is the hard way will become easier after the flab wears off

  3. ok the best way is to take enough calories in to repair the muscles… will need higher protein intake for that repair…you can use protein powder to help with protein intake but if you consider that a cheat then cans of tuna or egg whites i would suggest using but to make gains you will need to eat enough food to make your gains. well balanced diet

  4. You need to eat…. A LOT!!!! I’m sure you’re weight training already so that goes without saying so start eating. You need to take in 3500 calories to gain a pound but it has to be the right kind of calories. Try a 60/40/20 diet. 60 percent carbs mostly from fruit and a lot of whole wheat products like bread and oatmeal. 40 percent protein mostly from chicken, lean beef and whey protein powder. Only 20 percent from fat like peanut butter and flax seed oil (healthy fats). Eat at least 500 calories per meal and try to eat six times a day. That’s 3000 calories a day. I did it that way and gained about 25 pounds of muscle over about a years period. I also train at least four days a week. Be careful seeking advice from magazines because they have a tendency to contradict each other and even themselves sometimes. Just remember: more calories= more weight. Less calories= less weight. Keep your fat intake low and you’ll gain muscle mass.

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