How do I become a supplement distributor?

What do I do to buy supplements from the company that makes them and sell them at my own store? How do I become a distributor of a supplement?

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  1. Call the company and ask them.

  2. email the company you want to use!!

  3. Crazy Cat Lady says:

    I own a health and nutrition business, and have taught fitness. Not all supplements are created equal, and I have dealt with many of them. Might I suggest you go to and puruse their website, and then go to either Staples, Borders, Hastings or Barnes and Noble and get the February issue of Success From Home Magazine. This will tell you a great deal about the best supplement company I have ever seen anywhere. I am 55 years old and dealt with many brands. None that I have seen have shown the results I have seen from what I am telling you about.
    From there, if you have enough information, you can find someone to help you. If you can’t, you are welcome to email me and I can try to connect you.

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