How Do Friendships Impact One’s Life For The Positive?

Success in life depends on many factors. Such as relationships, for instance. Is success really equanimous with the quality of one’s friendships? Success and making friends can be considered art forms, but are they cut from the same cloth? But the biggest question is – how do you make friends that stay with you for life?

How do you define success?

Everybody has their own idea of what constitutes success. If a salesperson does well in increasing the business’ profit margin, or if a musician creates a classical-themed masterpiece on the level of the Three Bs, then that would generally cause them to feel successful. We all consider different factors, as mentioned above, when trying to define success. Still, we go back to the meat of the topic – how are friendships and success correlated?

Are successful people happier?

Generally speaking, a person who is successful is subsequently happy. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines happiness as a state of well-being and contentment, a pleasurable or satisfying experience, though we may have our own personal definitions. As we mentioned earlier, making friends is a fine art, perhaps on the level of painting, classical music and theater, and one we have to be adept at if we are to be successful.

Friendships maintained for life. How?

How does a person make friends that stick around forever? The art is in giving rather than expecting. Share your friends’ worries, concerns and happiness. Join them on all occasions that are important to them. When times are tight, be there with a few kind words of understanding, and when they achieve success in life, be ready with your congratulations, and of course, always be there when they need you.

The role of Internet in keeping contacts-

Not a few of us remember the so-called “dark ages” before the advent of the Internet, when we corresponded with our friends through the telephone and through the old dependable mailman. But thanks to this controversial, yet overall productive phenomenon called the Internet, all it takes is a quick email or chat message to get in touch with somebody you consider dear to you.

How to make more impact?

Would you prefer to send a one line congratulations email to your friends on their birthdays, their anniversary, their promotion and all such other occasion when they are feeling special? Come on, it would not take much of your time to search for a neat e-card or greeting card online and send that instead. Should I really do it, you may be asking. It surely does. Your friend will appreciate it more, rather than you having as much personality as a zombie when sending these messages. So do not go the zombie route – show some emotion and do away with the plain Jane email or text message – an e-card will truly show your friends that you care and are there. The quality of your relationship will greatly improve as a result.

What’s stopping you?

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