How Did Nail Polish Develop?

How long do you think nail polish has developed? The answer is over thousands of years. Thousand years ago in countries across the world, ancient women pursued nail beauty to make themselves perfect. The same situation happens today, women pursue different kinds of traditional and advanced nail treatments to make themselves look attractive!

Red was the most popular color for nail polish long time ago in many countries. For example both Indian and ancient Roman people loved red. They paint red nail for their weddings. For Peru, people would draw eagles on their nails as a respect for important occasions.

In ancient Egypt, different nail colors represented different level of social status. For example, red was the color of royal family. Ordinary people were forbidden to use red color for their nails. This was probably most of the Egyptian Queen like Cleopatra VII Philopator loved red. The most terrifying thing for the red nails was the use of blood to make them more long lasting.

Nail cosmetics were first used in Zhou Dynasty in China. At that time, Chinese people did not use nail polish but false nails. These false nails are made of gold or silver with gem stones embedded. Later in the Ming Dynasty, Chinese people made nail polish from flowers, egg white and wax and painted their nails in red and black.

In 1920, Michelle Menard of Revlon invented the first bottle of nail polish from the inspiration of car painting. The first generation of nail polish contained some toxic chemicals and therefore, product formula has been kept changing.

In 1980, Tinkerbell launched its first Bo-Po brush on peel off nail polish. You do not need chemical remover to take it off. The nail polish became the most popular nail polish at that time. There is still brush on peel off nail polish nowadays, but the most famous brand is Minx instead of Tinkerbell.

The technology of nail polish keeps improving from day to day. Now, you can even find the mood changing nail polish in the market. The color of this nail polish, after painted on your nails, changes from time to time according to your mood and body heat! What a wonderful product for women!

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