how can i loose weight without loosing muscle mass and muscle?

i am 17 years old and will be turning 18 in july..
i am 5’10" tall..
i worked out to gain muscle mass.. i did gain muscle, but i also gained some fat . so my stomach is not as firm as it was before i increased my calorie intake to gain muscle.
so i am trying to get a firm stomach again, BUT i dont want to loose the muscle mass i have gained.
so i was wondering is there a way to loose weight but not muscle mass

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  1. since you didn’t state your body weight, i’m going to just generally outline the basics. these are the guidelines i used when preparing for a competition (aka cutting phase).

    reduce your carbs (no lower than 60 g/day)

    reduce your fat intake (no lower than 20 g/day)

    keep your protein 30-60 g above your body weight, depending on how intense you exercise.

    me, personally… i weigh 205 lbs. my diet is around the neighborhood of 20% fat, 35% carbs, 45% protein. on a 2200-something calorie diet, that’ll be 46 g fat, 216 g carbs and 269 g proteins.

    keep your rep ranges between 8-15 (any lower than 8 means
    you’re in a bulking cycle and bulking packs fat). superset a few exercises, ie. shoulder presses to front raises or bench presses to dumbbell flyes, this will help burn additional calories since it raises your heart rate.

    do cardio atleast 3 times a week, no more than 45 minutes a day and not high intensity.

    all of these methods will create a caloric deficit in your diet, and since you gave your body a reason to keep the muscles (by lifting weights routinely but not bulking up), you will still keep the muscle while burning off the fat. you won’t drop in weight on the scale but your body fat % will fall. find someone with the know-hows on measuring body fats to keep track of your performance.

    hope this helps.

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