How can I increase lower body flexibility to be able to do the splits while also gaining muscle mass?

I would like to gain more lower body flexibility to be able to do the splits but also workout my lower body too to gain muscle mass. What stretches are effective and does increasing muscle mass make it harder ie. do your muscles become too ‘tight’ to become flexible. I can do the splits on one side with my left leg in front but not the other way round or box (front splits).

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  1. denali444 says:

    Try taking yoga classes – Iyengar style. All the standing poses and forward bends should help.

  2. Britney S says:

    Yoga…just look at Madonna

  3. Lauren Elise says:

    stretch and lift weights at the gym. they have squat machines and stuff that would be good to use. gaining muscle mass and gaining flexibility aren’t really related.

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