How can i gain Muscle mass without a Gym or expensive equipment?

I am very thin and am looking to put on muscle and mass. I play college baseball and need to get bigger and stronger fast but dont have the means of getting a gym membership.

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  1. WhiteStar says:

    I was in the same boat as you myself less than a few months ago, and I am doing very well now. Here is what I did.

    Diet wise:
    I started by switching to a healthier diet, cutting out sweets and chocolate straight away, followed by everything else I knew wasnt doing me any good.

    I replaced my soft drinks with glasses of milk or water, and a Lucozade before exercising.

    I began looking at other foods I ate and cut out the unneccessary ones that had low protein (very important for building muscle). Most snacks were eventually replaced with fruit.

    Exercise wise:
    I started out doing some general fitness exercises, such as running, star jumps to warm up, that kind of thing. I figured I needed to get into the routine of proper exercise, and it worked.

    I then stumbled upon and kept to a schedule of doing the exercises they list that require no weights or equipment.

    These included sit ups, push ups, wrist curls, and many other things that dont need listing. Those are just the basics.

    After a few months I began to do my daily routine with ease, and I know I couldnt have done it without improving my diet first.

    Good luck!

  2. Trainer Gregg says:

    Hi Joshie!

    You best bet in this situation is to work on non-weight bearing exercise. Here are a list of some things you can do.

    Pushups, Situps, Wall sits, Squats, Lunges, Sprints, Pull ups, Calf Raises, Plyometrics, Handstand Pushups, Isometrics, Yoga, and Pilates, etc…

  3. walk and/or run every day
    do push ups and crunches

  4. friskygimp says:

    you can buy free weights – look at garage sales, 2nd hand stores, or on the internet

    otherwise use plastic jugs filled with sand.

    also look into rubber bands (used for physical therapy) they have them of all different strengths depending on color and can be used for a variety of exercises

    good luck!

  5. read tips on building muscle mass and dietary needs on this site

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