How Being Prepared with Self Defense Weapons Can Save Your Life

Thirty-one people are violently attacked as each second passes in time. It does not matter what race, ethnicity, or religion people are to attackers. But if you are a woman, it’s a different story because of the stereotypes that come with identifying women. Offenders seem to purposely target women because they are profiled as being weaker than men. Despite its inaccuracy, this stereotype will remain as he primary motive for attacking women over men. This is why the truth hurts here, my fellow females: we need self defense.

I keep finding that women have this preconceived notion that the quality of the neighborhood they live in dictates whether or not they need extra protection for self defense. But I have to say, recent events have shed some light on these incorrect thoughts and beliefs. I live in a middle-class neighborhood that has a considerably low crime rate. About ten days ago, to doors down from my house, someone’s house was broken into in the late morning. I, like my neighbors, never thought anything like this would happen in this area. To our shock, the criminals were even able to get past the homeowner’s dogs.

Naturally, I eagerly watched that evening’s news to see the story about my neighborhood robbery. I watched the interviews of my neighbors wherein they mention they never thought something like this would happen here. Even the police said the same thing. The neighborhood is relatively quiet, and the surrounding areas have lower than normal crime rates. I noticed a trend – these things happen when least expected. This is because we let our guard down without realizing it.

These types of incidents make women even more vulnerable since we are targeted more and have let our guards down. Because we are disadvantaged by stereotypes, it is supremely vital that we make the right choices in outsmarting attackers. My parents knew of this reality, and they made me take martial arts classes when I was young. But like almost everything else in life, the correct supplement can determine effectiveness and success. In this case, the right self defense weapon can determine the success of your efforts to remain protected. And to identify the perfect one for you, being well informed is necessary.

In my case, because I knew that just any defense item would necessarily benefit me, I informed myself with as much information as I could. And I knew that I had to be safe about the one I choose for my protection. It was sad to see that there are few places that provide the perfect mix of user information and product variety like the one I chose to buy my self defense weapon from. The website I bought from had a blog and even help videos to guide me through my purchase and research process. I bought my very first defense product from them, and I am extremely happy with my choice. I even have support knowing users have had such great experiences with my same product.

User reviews provide caliber information about self defense weapons you may be looking for. Personal suggestion? Get the cell phone stun gun.

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