How a Root Canal Treatment Works

A root canal is the space in the center of a tooth that leads down to the gums. It is also called a natural cavity that is composed of dental pulp chambers and main canals. A person may have at least two to four root canals. Sometimes, if you do not maintain good oral health care, it could be infected and it could lead to different kinds of problems.

There are various reasons that can cause the infection of your teeth. The first one is because of tooth decay or bad tooth cavities. It could also be due to trauma, whenever the tooth is broken or chipped. Infections could also be due to brittle teeth that could slowly be falling out. Big fillings and repeated dental work could also be some causes of infections on your teeth. When a tooth is infected, it would usually lead to inflammation and severe pain of your tooth and gums.

There are different ways ito cure this infection. Before, dentists usually had to take out the infected tooth. But with the advent of technology, a root canal treatment has been developed in order to treat the infected tooth without having to extract it. The treatment for these infections could vary depending on the gravity of the infection. If you’re not sure whether you need the treatment, it is best that you consult a dentist. Having severe toothache is one sign that your teeth might be infected. Another sign could be that there is a prolonged sensitivity and pain to hot or cold temperature. Moreover, when there is swelling and tenderness in the surrounding gums, it could be infected.

The process is actually pretty simple. An X-ray is conducted on the infected teeth in order to know if a treatment is needed or not. Once the patient really needs the treatment, the dentist will usually give the patient an anaesthetic in order to numb affected tooth. The next step is to keep the area dry and free of saliva. So, a rubber sheet will be placed around the tooth. A hole is then drilled to the tooth. After which, the decayed pulp or tissue is then removed. The dentist will then clean the area from debris and other particles. After the tooth is cleaned, a permanent filling will be inserted inside and the dentist will seal it protection. A crown will be placed over the tooth to make it stronger.

After the treatment, you may still feel a little pain and discomfort. But in order to minimize the pain, you can just take pain relievers. Aside from that, regular visits to the dentist would also help. Always have your teeth checked to avoid further complications. The root canal treatment is important because the tooth will not heal on its own. If it is not treated immediately, the infection could spread to the bones of your teeth and worsen the situation. Although there are other treatments available, this is the only one that is cost-effective and offers you the option of curing your tooth without having to extract it.

With a root canal treatment, dentists can now cure your infected tooth without having to pull it out. This is the most convenient and cost-effective way of treating your tooth infections. With this treatment, you can say goodbye and good riddance to your tooth infections.

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