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Horses make wonderful pets that are intelligent and loving; however they are also a great responsibility. Horses need care and maintenance everyday; from food and health to training, daily exercises and creating a stable for it to rest in.

If you have a horse the best way to shelter him is to build a stable on your property where you can have access anytime you like and the pleasure to enjoy different activities such as riding or training your horse. However, if you don’t have the space or possibility to build a stable for the same you will have to look for appropriate horse boarding for the same.

A small bunch of about 10 or 15 men train most of the country’s champion thoroughbreds. Many of the top stars grew up on ranches or horse farms, often sons of fathers that were trainers themselves. Whatever your case, it is important to locate a horse boarding near you as sooner or later you will need one especially if you have only one horse.

A horse racing trainer is paid a percentage of his thoroughbred’s winnings. However, if you live in a smaller town where folks may have not listed their facility on the web yet, you can ask local horse enthusiasts or check the papers for the same. It is essential you find a horse boarding facility near you so you can have access to your horse as often as you would like to as well as be able to leave your horse in case of an emergency.

These certifications are handled at the state level, but many jurisdictions make it easy for someone licensed in another state to get a local license.There are a few terminologies used in horse racing you should know about if you want to understand the language used at the horse track side where the race takes place. For example the horse that wins is the one that finishes the race first and is known as ‘win’; the horse that finishes the race in the second place is known as the ‘place horse’ and the one that will finish third is known as the ‘show horse’.

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