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Go to BuildMuscleBurnFat.info my FREE workout plan Build Muscle and Burn Fat FAST AS HELL! Keys to getting a six pack: You can have the greatest, most muscular set of abs in the world, but if they are blanketed by a layer of body fat, who cares. In order to rid yourself of the extra body fat around your midsection, you need to incorporate effective cardio sessions into your fitness plan. You cannot spot-reduce the midsection by doing extra ab exercises like crunches or sit-ups. You first …

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  1. every other day or 3 times in a week, but not every day couse you will not let your muscles to rest and relax…

  2. 904folyfe says:

    how often should work out my abs? every other day or everyday?

  3. Thedarkmagicbypower says:

    Thanks alot bro!
    I will mail my program to you

  4. BrandonCarterTV says:

    @Thedarkmagicbypower you should have seen changes by now send me a sampel of your diet and workout plan and i will tell you what the problem is

  5. BrandonCarterTV says:

    @sawmassacre13 down load that free program bro. i ll show you how to do it. im in the proses of putting on ten pounds of muscle myself

  6. BrandonCarterTV says:

    @bushmanranger lol. i feel like i type that all day

  7. BrandonCarterTV says:

    @fangdracona18 thats whats up! girls can do it too


    Yo, Thedarkmagicbypower, Maybe you aren’t pushing it? But then again I have heard that it usually takes a month to condition your body and then after you begin to see change. Not sure though.

  9. fangdracona18 says:

    this is amazing im a girl but im still gonna try this great boby man u hav 8 paks yeah lovin it

  10. DeagleFanat says:

    hey, i’m 15 years , i need this do 1 time in day or more ?

  11. bushmanranger says:

    read the discription bro

  12. Thedarkmagicbypower says:

    I’m 17 years and skinni.
    I use powder and carb powder and eat right.
    But i’m so pissed of cause i don’t see no change.

  13. Everyone body is not the same. What is he having do? Are you eating right,and less fatty foods? How old are you? It depends on alot of things.

  14. Thedarkmagicbypower says:

    Well i can’t belive that.
    I’m following a diet program and training program from a profesjonall guy that helps people with those things. And this is the 4th week and i see no change

  15. sawmassacre13 says:

    Hi,…………I got six pack but I want to put some muscle mass so I consume big amount of calories,……..will that fuck up my six pack even tho I work them every other day,………..

  16. Yea you can. You may can gain a bit of muscle mass,and can lose weight. If your eating right,and doing cardio. You can change your size in three weeks. Thats if you push hard,and sticc with it.

  17. yep hes right i had a barly visible pack and now within a week of doing this onece a day i already have a sixpack this is the shit dude nothing better

  18. Thedarkmagicbypower says:

    u can change six pack. but hell you cant change your size in three weeks

  19. good video…..you has 8 pack bro…good job

  20. Well i did the work out,and i feel it. Good work out. I don’t have a pull up bar. So for the first part. I just did sit ups with weights.

  21. CloudyMikaele says:

    Hey! Awesome video! I’ve been practising alot on your 6 pack ab exercises and they’re really strong and hard but i can’t really see them, i think they’re covered by a layer of fat. Please tell me how to get rid of that! Thanks so much!

  22. I’ve been doing a few of his work outs,and seen a change in 3 weeks. Even more in a month. I have pictures to prove it

  23. BrandonCarterTV says:

    @AzureC let me know how it works

  24. BrandonCarterTV says:

    @boojam007 thanks

  25. BrandonCarterTV says:

    @Thedarkmagicbypower you dont know what the fuck your talking about son. the human adapts to change quickly. two weeks is more then enuff time to make improvements in your body

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