Home Remedies For Yeast Infections Bring Relief

Few women escape getting a yeast infection or perhaps more than one sooner or later. Though pharmaceutical drugs can help, some may prefer trying home remedies for yeast infections. While not life threatening, this condition can be very unpleasant and good to get rid of as quickly as possible.

The Candida yeast, which causes infections, already lives in the body. However, conditions usually do not let it become a problem by increasing beyond a healthy point. Natural remedies try to restore the equilibrium of the body so that yeast growth is again prohibited and obnoxious symptoms disappear.

Yogurt, especially of the plain sort with no added sugar or fruit, seems to have a significant effect in fighting Candida infection. Whether taken orally or applied topically, or both, it denies the yeast the opportunity for growth because of the bacteria in the yogurt culture. While friendly to the body, the bacteria and the acid they produce kill off the excess Candida.

Either a solution or a paste of boric acid has been found to be useful in fighting yeast infections. Boric acid is readily available in powder form to mix with water and use as an antiseptic. Like yogurt it produces an acidic level that the Candida yeast cannot tolerate. However, unlike yogurt it is for topical application only, not ingestion.

Candida thrive in moist areas, and wearing tight clothing and underwear increases the likelihood of an infection. It will also help prolong an infection by giving the yeast optimum conditions for growth. Natural fiber loose clothing which breathes and does not increase body moisture is a better choice.

Home remedies for yeast infections include wearing loose natural fiber clothing and making sure the yeast does not have the right environment in which to grow. Acidic substances and those with friendly bacteria, such as yogurt and boric acid, are excellent weapons against Candida.

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