HOME BICEP WORKOUT!!! How To Build / Gain Muscle Fast pt3

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  1. first time I’ve seen your videos and looks like everyone has proven your method so I’m gonna give it a whirl… btw do you recommend any shake or anything like that right now I use Whey protien

  2. dandres1224 says:

    im 16 did you thinnk i can have some muscle gains?

  3. santoscool845 says:

    Thanks man, I rebenched and got 205, squat 150, power clean 155, im recovering from broken ankle so squat is low,

  4. BrandonCarterTV says:

    @santoscool845 thats whats up! keep up the good work!

  5. BrandonCarterTV says:

    @SYKExX5P33D thanks. i have been training for awile but most of my gains came the first year

  6. BrandonCarterTV says:

    @alsodani15 good question, hit the link on the side for that info.

  7. BrandonCarterTV says:

    @florin4steaua91 thanks!

  8. BrandonCarterTV says:

    @dandres1224 thats whats up

  9. dandres1224 says:

    so good man i do it and i can feel how it burns lol is nice your workout thanks see ya

  10. florin4steaua91 says:

    wow man…i’ve seen one of the videos you posted in January 2009 and i’m stunned … you’ve improved your physique so much in one year… good job, you’re a role model 😉

  11. alsodani15 says:

    hey Brandon…when i lift weight how much protein do i need to consume ? 46g? i use protein shakes by the way..i use whey!

  12. SYKExX5P33D says:

    guy your a monster, i’ve never seen a guy with such good physique as that in my entire life. congrats man, got a question though. how many years you’ve been working out?

  13. santoscool845 says:

    Once again Good Job,, This week is MaxOut week at school before winter break, maxed out 195 on bench, doing squat wednesday and powercleans friday, once again im 14 sophomore, weight 152, ANY TIPS ANYONE?

  14. rjRothschild says:

    Nice! gonna get that apparatus!


    you remind me abit of phil heath lol

    now, thats a compliment.

  16. sportkiwi says:

    looking like a greek adonis! huge. is that a copy n paste error in the description calling it a back workout?

  17. where is the closeup armpit?:(

  18. Nice and strong

  19. Chube1992 says:

    1st!!! yeah brandon

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