History And Popularity of Indian Takeaway In Great Britain

It only takes a glance at a microwave pre-program panel to know how popular a dish is. Just look at one, you will find that above the chicken, potatoes, and bread is curry. Another way to judge popularity of a food item is when chips are flavoured to match. Order takeaway online has a history that goes back over 400 years. It has gained in popularity and has been a staple part of the national diet in the UK for over fifty years, from fine dining restaurants to small restaurants tucked away in side streets. There were an estimated 500 restaurants in 1960 in the UK and well over 8000 today. Indian takeaway restaurants are rated as having over 75,000 employees; this makes it one of the largest industries in the U.K.

If you order takeaway online you can judge its popularity today on the same standards that made it popular in the late 1940’s. The unique flavours of the food availability, and cost, played a big part of the rise after the end of World War II, as many people were working for little money. In order to enjoy a rare night out they had to be very selective, they wanted a cheerful place, with good food, and very inexpensive.

The post war curry restaurants were the answer to many problems, as Indian takeaway restaurants have menus that offer a great variety of choices; this alone makes it a popular choice. No longer having to choose the regular, or the super size option, makes everyone happy.

Some of the favourite dishes are actually a mixture of Anglo-Indian foods. Recipes were developed by owners of Indian takeaway restaurants to suit the English taste for milder spices, for those who like their food spicy that is always available. The first of these dishes turned into an English breakfast favourite for many years. Kedgeree is a dish of smoked fish, curried rice, and eggs it’s a savoury combination that was reworked from the original Indian dish khichri.

Today’s Indian takeaway establishments are constantly reshaping the menus to please their guests, on the menu these days are many varieties of curry. The best sellers are chicken tikka masala and balti. Chicken tikka masala, is a dish that originated as a kebab dish in Northern India, transported to England it became a dish of chicken nuggets, or spiced, marinated chicken made and served in a sauce, with rice and naan. Indian takeaway has become a lasting favourite in the UK this appears to be a trend, that will last forever.

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