HIGH LIFE WORKOUT PLAN!!! (How to muscle gain and lose fat FAST!!!) with Brandon Carter

How to muscle gain and lose fat FAST!!! Download your FREE workout plan at HighLifeworkout.com For a limited time I am giving away an extremely effective fat burning and muscle building nutrition program! This program is not some bs fad diet. This is an effective program based on sound principles. This program allows you to eat carbs and all the foods that you love and still lose fat and burn muscle! – youll learn how you can eat fast foods and still get in great shape and get the six pack …

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  1. i have couple of question about this version…plz guys help me out

    is this full workout for a day?
    how many sets do we need for each exercise?
    he runs twice? do we really need to run before the workout and after the workout?
    did he workout in order?

    I would appreciate it, plz guys reply thanks a lot

  2. cbass5511 says:

    This works for definition, need more of a split, like a 5 day split for mass. Dont forget about alot of heavy high rep squatting for all body mass and total body strength increase.

  3. alvadagansta says:

    superman them abs…. yoooooo lol

  4. gotta love the tv infront of the tredmills

  5. danielscpfanatic says:

    that fast running is the trick! fast running burns callories and fat in high, natural speed. Trust me. Run like crazy for 2 mins, it will surpass 10 mins in slow run

  6. AllEyezOnKam says:

    omg i love his voice…just watched it for the BOD and VOICE lol…j/k…good workout

  7. Man you really cut the mustard, what a top workout vid.
    If you want a laugh go and take a look at Vince Del Monte`s workout vids ahahaha awful form enough to give you an injury and giant sets where you need to reserve 3 pieces of equipment for yourself in a busy gym, mmm, very practical.

  8. sod the females

  9. 101MaCLoVe99 says:

    yea you good but i would like to see you do so crossfit and post your videos now crossfit is harder than anything you do in a gym so please try it out and put some videos up of you and your hot body doing crossfit!!

  10. aryannarichardson says:

    this is good but what about the females? we need to work out also

  11. bkvintagecorp says:

    i actually did join a gym lol, i started the 2nd week of december and im like twice the size i was…. im still getting use to my gym and figureing out what everthing is for…

  12. MrMalstrom says:

    yea when you get in a Gym you are in a better Environment and people around you are working and it can encourage you to work too much better

  13. westsidewingate says:

    You can do assisted chinups untill your able to do it on your own. Thats when you cross your legs at the bottom and have someone support your legs its great

  14. that is just a myth. the reason why people say that is because most people choose unhealthy snacks at night.

  15. mattitude14 says:

    I read that if you want to lose weight, that you shouldn’t eat past 6-7 P.M.

  16. lukesimianer says:

    hey man your vids and technique are awesome butanyways im strong but i cant do chin ups cuz im a good 280 lb lineman, how do i get to doing chin ups??

  17. pangbournecollege44 says:

    obviously dumb ass

  18. bkvintagecorp says:

    i think i need to join a gym, it seem like working out at my house is not cutting it anymore….

  19. Dsmith1282 says:

    Question for you. What time should be my cut off for the night, concerning eating? I’m looking for weight loss..

  20. Alvar0zzki says:

    just 1 thing that wasn’t clear to me,

    So u do 10 minute interval cardio at the beginning and end of ur workout?

  21. jakkrit666 says:

    whats good with abs exercise anyway my gym doest have this superman wheels, haha, peace

  22. hey mr Brandon can i build muscle if i am fat?

  23. danielscpfanatic says:

    Yo Brandon, the cardio workout you do is very good. Keep it up.

  24. DodgeCarz says:

    dont start with heavy, you’ll just go pull a muscle. start low then gain.

  25. yo brandon, 1st of all thx for ur vids it really helps me alot. i have question bro, if i want to build up mass should i start training with heavy weights and low reps? is that ryt? or what do u say about it?

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