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  1. hotbabe4boyz says:

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  2. hotbabe4boyz says:

    Nice vid 🙂 See my profile about how i lost 56 pounds in 4 months with free diet.

  3. witnessforfitness says:

    Thanks for posting!
    I just posted a video on my blog with a high fiber breakfast!

  4. dudeman777us says:

    I love pooping so much now!

  5. dudeman777us says:


  6. laurenmhs says:

    haha…hey, I heard that meat snacks like beef jerky will give you the same pleasure as a hamburger. And theres a whole lot less fat and calories in it (oops just more sodium)

  7. goldlmine007 says:

    Check my page!

  8. princessamina1 says:

    Actually, fiber helps to give you a more solid and gratifying bowel movement.

  9. Done tried it and got to 35g a day.

  10. They fill you up and give your a feeling of being full, which cuts your appetite. Also, High Fiber foods take longer to digest, so you don’t have a fast rush of sugar and your insulin level stays at a normal level rather than spiking and dropping, giving you a tired feeling.

  11. MisterQuebec says:

    How do fibers help you lose weight?

  12. MisterQuebec says:

    She calls that a snack? For me, it’s the whole bag!

  13. MisterQuebec says:

    What is done?

  14. shinwitty says:

    Good . But I lost over 30 lb in one month using weight loss plan from LSWEIGHT(.)INFO

    (-:0 thank u youtube lOL

  15. Creamlistner says:

    Yeah, works great if ya wanna have the screaming-squirts all day and night ^_^

  16. my cousin did a diet like this, and she lost lots of weight, like 35 pounds, just eating cereal and shit all day, i couldnt do that I gotta have some kinda meat

  17. Done

  18. Turn a Boston Cream Pie into a healthfood: add Benefiber to it!

  19. wow a snack of 2 cookies

  20. youre only on this planet once, eat what you like but do light work out and dont get lazzy just look after yourself, im off for a cream cake!

  21. Spektator100 says:

    thanks for the vid./ **thumbs up***

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