Here Are Some Facts About Crystal Deodorant Products

In today’s modern society, we are all aware of underarm deodorant products and most all of us use them in one way or another, but there is a growing awareness of the increase in breast cancer and in Alzheimer’s disease, and many people feel there is a connection between the diseases and our insistence on smelling good and using these chemically loaded deodorants. If you are looking for an alternative method of underarm odor control, then you should look into a crystal deodorant stick.

The natural deodorant stones are nothing more than potassium alum, which is one of the most common minerals found on the face of the earth. Potassium alum is a naturally occurring mineral, is not absorbed by the skin nor the bloodstream when used, and can be told apart from the synthetic crystal deodorant sticks by the fact that pure potassium alum will break into irregular pieces when subjected to force, where a synthetic crystal will not. The natural stones are free from synthetic ammonium so for the most part there is no toxic reaction to them.

When the crystal deodorant stick is used and applied effectively, it must be damp. Either the skin itself must be wet, or the stick must be dampened with a wet cloth to activate the mineral. When applied to the skin, the potassium alum will leave a thin, salty, alkaline film on the surface of the skin that will sit on the surface and not be absorbed, and will also inhibit the growth of bacteria. Because of this bacterial inhibition, there will be no odor produced; because you have to have bacterial metabolism going on in order to have odor production: no bacteria-no odor. The nice part here is that the skin is allowed to breathe freely and perspire as Nature intended, because the mineral does not block the pores of the skin; another health factor that people are glad about.

Some people have never given a thought about crystal deodorant or where the rocks come from, but they are in the desert in great numbers. Alum is the third most common mineral on the planet, and all that is done is to collect the crystal rocks from the desert surface, bag them up, and send them off for processing.

Crystal deodorant sticks have a long shelf life, and even with daily use, will last for many many months and in a lot of cases, for over a year. For this reason, the elevated price for the mineral is justified because you do not have to buy a stick very often, and you really do save money in the long run compared to buying traditional deodorant products. The mineral sticks have no toxins present in them, and they produce no toxic effects when used. They can be found in any of the health food shops or stores that promote natural foods and products.

Crystal deodorant sticks have many natural benefits that come with them simply because of their makeup; they are astringent, non-toxic, and mildly antiseptic; usually have no scent, contain no harsh chemicals, and are hypo-allergenic. They are easy to use, store remarkably well, last for ages; and not only can they be used for underarm odor control, but also when applied to the feet, can be used to control foot odor.

A crystal deodorant stick made up of potassium alum may do just the trick for you if you are looking for something to control underarm odor, and you do not like the idea of using traditional underarm products because they not only block the pore action of the skin, but they are loaded with all kinds of synthetic chemicals that may be detrimental to your overall health. These sticks will provide the odor controlling action you are looking for, as well as save you money over the years.

Take control by learning how you can get rid of excessive sweating naturally and find the crystal deodorant.

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