Hemorrhoid Symptoms and Their Effects

Hemorrhoid is the disease found in the anal canal area. This disease is caused by inflamed veins damaged by genetic or environmental conditions. It has different signs and symptoms few of which are bleeding, itching and burning sensations which bring great discomfort to the individual. These hemorrhoids are preventable and are treatable the treatments are done properly.

There are two types of hemorrhoids and these are the internal and the external hemorrhoids. The small dilated veins inside the anal canal are the internal hemorrhoids. The use of a tube-like camera inserted through the anal canal is called anoscope, this is done to diagnose the internal hemorrhoids. The inflamed veins visible outside the anal canal are the external hemorrhoids. The external hemorrhoids are diagnosed through visual observation only.

Hemorrhoids are treatable or curable. Treatments may differ for the both types. While the external hemorrhoids are treated with creams anti-inflammatory drugs, the internal hemorrhoids are treated by Band Ligation or Injection Sclerotherapy.

This disease is not a deadly one. In fact, this condition affects lots of people. One possible cause of this disease is the people’s lifestyle.

Improper sitting for a long period of time is one cause. Assuming a wrong sitting position while defecating is one cause of its development Improper diet is another contributory factor. Eating less of high-fiber food increases the risk in developing the disease.

Losing blood in anal bleeding may not worry you that much, but it has more side effects. The blood in the anal area may be breeding ground for microorganisms and cause infection. It may also cause rectal polyps, and in worse cases may be sign of colorectal cancer. On the first sign of hemorrhoids it is best to consult the doctor immediately.

Itching and skin irritation in the anal area is also a sign of having hemorrhoids. This may be the most irritating symptom because unlike bleeding, it distracts you all time. Scratching it will do no good, anal tissues may be damaged and infection may occur. It is best to just leave them alone or put creams to subdue the itchiness.

Another discomfort of hemorrhoids is pain. Internal hemorrhoids may not be very painful though as compared to the external ones but can give an unbearable pain experience once these dilated veins are irritated especially during constipated bowel movement. It is best to seek medical advice once experienced such anal bleeding. A delay on doctor’s consultation for such disease may be fatal.

Hemorrhoids are 100% curable. Having the right lifestyle, regular exercise and balanced diet, is a key to prevent one of the most annoying disease of all time. It is better to takes these steps to prevent the development of hemorrhoids.

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