Hemorrhoid Facts: What Causes Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids is one of the most irritating diseases that are commonly diagnosed nowadays. They are inflamed veins found in the anal region. Bleeding pain, itchiness and discomfort can be experienced but luckily there is treatment.

Hemorrhoids are classified into two, internal and external. The ones which are found inside the anal canal are the internal hemorrhoids. Those visible on the outside of the anal canal are called external hemorrhoids.

Treatments for hemorrhoids have already been established. They are hemorrhoid type specific which means they are specialized. Rubber Band Ligation and Injection Sclerotherapy are the two most popular treatments for internal hemorrhoids. The former would include a rubber band fastened to the hemorrhoid to cut off its blood supply. The latter however uses a chemical injected to the hemorrhoid directly in order to scar the tissue and at some time make the hemorrhoid fall off. The external hemorrhoids only need little maintenance like sitz baths, drugs, and herbal creams.

Hemorrhoids can be caused by many factors. There are causes which are brought about by our own doings and others which are not our fault. Let us expound more on this topic. What causes hemorrhoids?

Digestive disorders like constipation and diarrhea are factors contributing to having a hemorrhoid. It is also in relation to having a low-fiber diet. It is necessary for humans to take in fiber to soften stool. With less fiber, constipation and diarrhea may occur thus making the stool harder to pass through the anal canal. This is why fruits and vegetables high in fiber should be taken.

Being pregnant, even though it is a good thing to perpetuate life, can be a cause to having hemorrhoids. When the baby is about to come out, a lot of pressure is given to the anal region. This pressure can damage it and cause inflammation to the anal veins. It is recommended that pregnant women should exercise regularly starting from the start of pregnancy.

Another factor which causes hemorrhoids is obesity. Being overweight exerts a lot of pressure to the anal region especially when sitting. More anal veins may be damaged when a person stays overweight for too long. Regular exercise and a balanced diet are recommended.

Another thing which we think as irrelevant can actually cause hemorrhoids- improper sitting. People should sit properly and comfortably, especially when defecating. Stool will have difficulty in passing through the anal canal when an improper position is assumed.

A person’s genetic makeup can also cause hemorrhoids. Genes which contain the traits for having hemorrhoids can be passed and can be expressed by the offspring. It is more difficult to cure because they are already present since childhood.

Hemorrhoids are caused by these factors. Luckily, advanced treatments are available so it is assured that hemorrhoids can be cured. Once hemorrhoids is suspected, immediate consultation with the doctor is recommended.

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