Helpful Facts about Self Sun Tanning

Many people are interested in self sun tanning because they want the look of having a great tan, but don’t want the health risks of lying in the sun all day. Tanning salons also have problems since they are expensive and usually give you a baked look. Self tanning products can be a cheaper, faster and generally safer way to give your skin a healthy tan look. This article will describe for you some of the possibilities available.

Often times a moisurizer will be added to a self tanning lotion, and that appeals to many people. You really can make your skin look nicely tanned with the higher quality products. One alternative would be to use a self tanner with the moisturizer so there wouldn’t be a need for your regular moisturizing lotion. But do realize that you’ll need to apply the lotion every day to see the best results, and of course there may be some that won’t appeal to. Plus, the suntan is not an ‘instant’ type of solution, so if you want something instant then they may not be exactly what you’re looking for. However, self sun tanning lotions with moisturizers can be an effective long term solution for keeping soft skin as you maintain your tan.

Always try applications to a small part of your body for any product you’ve never used, previously. Sometimes, depending on the product, you may experience a reaction such as mild irritation. You also can’t be sure how your skin will look until you try the product. So, as you can clearly undertand, it really is a good idea to run a little experimental test, first. Of course the best place to do this is somewhere that isn’t easily noticed. In perhaps most situations, there’s nothing to be concerned about; however we still feel it wouldn’t hurt to test. The small test, or experiment, will confirm the product’s compatibility with your skin.

Unfortunately, some of these self tanning solutions produce effects that we’re sure no one would really like. Greasy lotions and creams that stain clothing is just one example of undesirable effects. You’ll also find some that have an unpleasant odor to them. The better quality self tanning products have a mild, hard to detect smell. Not all of these companies are upfront, and those that produce the unpleasant effects won’t tell you on their labels. You can also look at online review sites where customers rate products and aren’t shy about listing complaints.

You probably already take a good mineral and vitamin supplement. There are quite a few high quality externally applied self tanning solutions that will work great, and we feel you’ll be happy with it. If a self tanning product is something that works for you, then you should use them because there are high quality solutions out there. They can be cheaper, safer and faster than getting your tan in the sun or at a salon. There is a self sun tanning product with your name on it – so just take your time to find it. The aspects of self sun tanning we’ve looked at here should help you as you search for the best tanning option.

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