Help with supplements for bodybuilding and their costs please?

i dont know if i should start using creatine… any advice… how long should i use it for… how helpfull is it… if i should use it then which one. Also, if i was to use protein supplements, creatine and BCAA supplements what is the price range i am looking at for one month. Any other advices? thanks in advance (oh btw.. the main goal is to gain as much muscle weight as possible at this moment)

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  1. 1.) How old are you?
    If over the age of 16-17 you could take creatine, but only in the recommended doses. You could get a cheap creatine for $10-$20, Protein for $10-$20, and BCAA’s for $10-$20, but they would probably last longer than a month depending on the size of the given container. Check out…they seem to have the cheapest prices I have found as well as some good advice and information on supplements. O… creatine should be cycled when taken, such as 6 weeks on it and 2 weeks off. Also, do not over take the amount of creatine recommend for that is where the problems come from that everyone thinks about when taking creatine.

  2. Lenstylez says:

    Hey mate. =]
    If your goal is to gain weight and overall muscle mass, you definatly need a good whey protein. You should consume atleast 2grams of protein to kg of bodyweight.. So if you weigh 60kg you should consume atleast 120grams of protein a day. With creatine it helps a lot. You should pick creatine monohydrate it is the best type to use, has the best prices or if you done care about fancy containers you can find wholesale creatine monohydrate for much cheaper..
    You should definatly cycle it, a rule I use is 2months on 2 weeks off. Creatine monohydrate makes you train better and you should also drink plenty of water as it will store in your muscles and make you appear bigger.
    Hope this helped. Remember train hard and eat heaps

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