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People suffering from a major depressive disorder will know how much a mood swing can disrupt their day. A state of low mood can make a person feel sad, worried, irritable, and helpless. It can manifest as an aversion to activity or as lethargy.Feeling down now and then is normal, but you may have a problem if you are stuck in an endless cycle of bad moods and self-destructive behaviours. Depression is a common mood disorder, and sufferers need to know that they are not alone. There are a number of treatments, medications, and methods to treat and alleviate depression symptoms.

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There is a piece of advice my mother has given me over and over again through the years, and that is “where there is a will, there is a way”. This can be applied to so many situations that come about in our lives, but when it comes to dealing with depression some days you may find you have the will to do nothing. That can be many things in life that bring about that “depressed” feeling, but feeling depressed and actually being depressed are two entirely different things. For example, failing an exam, being dumped, or even losing someone you love can cause you to feel down. However, in most cases these feelings pass and you move own with life.

Dysthymic Disorder-people with this kind of depression experience long lasting, severe symptoms. The symptoms do not actually disable them, but they influence the patient’s productivity and functionality. Dysthymia sufferers may also experience major episodes at some point.Manic Depressive Illness-commonly known as bipolar disorder, this disease has characteristic drastic mood changes. The mood cycle involves high points called mania, and very low points called depression. There are normal moods in between. These mood changes are usually gradual, but some individuals can switch moods rapidly. During the manic state, patients are energetic, talkative, and may engage in risky behaviour. They are submissive and quiet during depressive episodes. Untreated manic-depressive illness may lead to psychotic episodes.

Symptoms of Depression.There are different signs and symptoms, and they may vary from one person to another. They include: Sadness,Frustration over trivial matters,Lack of interest in normal activities,Excessive sleeping or loss of sleep,A reduced sex drive,Drastic appetite change,Indecisiveness,Fatigue,Crying spells,Unexplained physical problems,Distractibility,Guilt,Thoughts of death.How Can Intuitive Counselling Help? Depression symptoms, unlike other diseases, do not get better over time. Your symptoms may worsen if left untreated. It may be difficult to seek treatment, but there are effective options that can help, like intuitive counselling.An intuitive counsellor will help you come to terms with your problems and understand yourself more. He or she will do this by helping you “listen” to your body, mind, emotion, and spirit. Working with these aspects will allow you to understand what is happening, what is causing the problem, and how to get rid of it.Working with a skilled intuitive counselling practitioner will help you alleviate depression symptoms and gradually bring your energy and positive outlook back.

Second, if you know someone the depressed man knows and respects, such as his father, pastor or best friend, suggest that he talk to that person. Or, you may enlist the help of a family member or close friend who has his ear.Third, try to get him to see his doctor (or yours), and encourage him to talk to his doctor about his depressed feelings (maybe he needs to go for other reasons, too). The physician can make a referral for counseling or prescribe helpful anti-depressant medication, if needed.

Fourth, sometimes we men need a little prodding (and pampering). Be persistent and don’t give up, as long as you proceed in a non-threatening manner. Remember, you want the man to view your efforts to help him as a sign of your deep-felt concern, rather than an attempt to nag or harass him. He won’t end up feeling pressured by you if you always state your concern in non-demanding ways.The way you say something is as important as what you say. Some sensitive men are hard to approach, but they tend to respond favorably when you talk to them in a direct, caring and gentle manner. Avoid allowing your body language or tone of voice to express anger or contempt.

Always feeling guilty, worthless, helpless, and hopeless. Women with depression could not shake off such thoughts from their minds.Constantly criticizing herself. They always think that what they do is not enough, or that they don’t do anything right.Having changes in appetite or weight. A woman with depression will either increase food consumption or will lose her appetite. She may also have significant changes in weight, at least 5% every month.

It is not necessary to dive headlong into a strict exercise routine. It’s more important to find activities that suit your circumstances and your interests. For example: If you were out shopping and were faced with the option of taking the elevator or stairs, just take the stairs to incorporate a little more exercise into your day. Perhaps if you were going to the shops, you could park your car a couple of blocks away and walk the rest of the way there. Take the dog for a walk to the park, or if you don’t have a dog, borrow the neighbors! They’ll love you for such a kind gesture, and so will the dog.There are so many people walking around with depression but they do not go and ask for help. This can be for a variety of reasons. Fear of the unknown is one of them. This is actually so unnecessary. Why walk around with a symptom if you can be cured of it? Remember that depression does not only affect you but it actually affects the people around you as well. So it is important to tackle this issue together. Emotional support during a depression battle is vital. You must discern whether you want to opt for self help for depression treatments or medical treatments.

Keep the following in mind when before you go for treatment:Depression treatment may take time to work properly. Do not get impatient. This is why emotional support is especially important. When you want to give up, it helps a lot when someone is next to you spurring you on.You will probably have to investigate which therapy or exercise works best for your depression symptoms. There are some great resources available. Just remember that everyone is different and that one treatment will not ‘fit’ all. Be ready to experiment.You have to understand what kind of depression you are going through. Remember that depression symptoms are categorized in different levels of severity. I do not think that self help for depression treatments would be a great option for severe depression but professional medical advice should rather be sought.

Depressed people should have a support system, or else, they will feel isolated and this would worsen the them by doing some lifestyle changes like eating healthy and exercising regularly.encourage them to have supplements such as Homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic remedies only contain natural herbs like St. John’s wort and Passion flower, making them free from side effects. Moreover, homeopathic remedies will nourish nervous system, support a more positive and motivated attitude, and promote general well being.Depression will affect a woman’s life, but with early diagnosis, intervention, and help from surrounding people, it will be easily cured.

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