Heel Pain In Foot: 7 Common Sources

It’s a well documented fact that today among the most common reported sources of pain that doctors offices and clinics is peoples feet and that of course includes the heel. It’s no wonder too because they sit at the very bottom your body supporting all its weight with a complex mechanism of bones, joints, muscle tissue, and tendons. Now of all the source of pain in people’s heels, by far one of the most common is what are referred to as bone spurs that can be caused by stress fractures or arthritis.

Then another common source of pain in the heels of people’s feet, is cysts, and they too can have any number of causes. Cysts can be on the surface or they can be located further under the skin. And yet one more commonly diagnosed source of pain is a syndrome known as Plantar Fasciitis. This commonly diagnosed foot and heel problem is brought about as a result of swelling of the main tendon that traverses from the back area of the foot by the heel, up through the center to the toes.

Now while a lot of people, and you may be one of them are familiar with carpal tunnel syndrome that afflicts the wrists and hands, tarsal tunnel syndrome is not so well known. They are similar though in their cause and results. In the same way that carpal tunnel syndrome in the hands is caused by a gripping and confining of a nerve in a passageway, the source of this problem is the result of a nerve in the foot that gets confined and crimped in a passageway.

Then believe it or not a spinal injury, and even and one that’s temporary and doesn’t cause permanent damage can be the source of pain in the heel. You see, injuries to the spine can cause swelling that puts pressure on the main nerve that runs down the back. This in turn of course causes pain in the localized area but it also can be the source of phantom pains in other remote areas of the body, including the foot where nerve endings are located. Oddly enough, this pain can feel like a burn and even mimic a bruise on the soles of the feet.

People who lead active lives or play sports are susceptible to foot and heel pain as a result of injuries that occur because of the lifestyle that the lead. What you need understand is is that running and jumping compounds the amount of stress that is put on the heel of the foot. A relatively small area. Also someone who injures their foot may not even know it until many hours later, and even the next day after the swelling has begun around the injured area.

Footwear has always been and will always will continue to be the source of pain in the lower extremities. It can be poorly fitting footwear, poorly designed footwear, or perhaps footwear like high heeled shoes that were designed completely for style, with no concessions made for comfort. Be aware that “foot-unfriendly” shoes and boots can cause chronic pain anywhere from the lower back, down through all parts the legs, and of course the heel, foot, and toes.

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