Heart Health – Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease Guide

What is the Role of the Heart?

The heart is actually a complex structure. This important organ provides the body a life source, the oxygenated blood. These functions are carried out using the assist of the arteries and blood vessels.

What are the frequent illnesses of the heart a person with unhealthy way of life may possibly experience?

Blocked arteries of the heart or atherosclerosis are life-threatening conditions especially when left undiagnosed and untreated. Blocked arteries may result into coronary artery disease wherein more arteries circling the heart are involved. These arteries are also those responsible in bringing in oxygen to the heart.

How is Hypertensive Cardiovascular Illness related to arterial plaques and other diseases of the heart?

The heart just depends on the typical and sufficient supply of oxygenated blood for it to function effectively. In turn of that favor, it pumps blood in all parts of the artery. This oxygen supply is completed using the coronary artery system’s assist. Damaged or narrowed arteries may possibly partially block that oxygen supply and may result into a series of symptoms. These arteries can be narrowed by the process of atherosclerosis. It’s the buildups of plaques inside the arterial walls due to accumulated fats, cholesterol and calcium minerals within the blood.

What are the symptoms that you may experience when arterial plaques have already blocked the heart?

Blocked arteries or atherosclerosis is actually a continuous progression that may take location by way of a lengthy time frame. This undetected accumulation and build-up of fats does not only thicken the arterial walls but also narrows them. This may possibly result into an ischemia and symptoms and complications will manifest.

1. Angina pectoris or chest pains

2. A heart attack or sudden failure of the heart

3. Choking sensation

4. Difficulty breathing

5. Nausea and vomiting

6. Pale and cold clammy skin

7. Excessive sweating

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