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  1. Stacey3272 says:

    everyone says oh stress is a factore. But do they really know how it factors in and what it affects . That what I was suprised by. If afects you in ways you don’t think about.

  2. Stacey3272 says:

    I know it is. But I have been so half on half off for so lonfg I am just ready or want to be ready to embrass this again.

  3. Stacey3272 says:

    thanks. Ofcourse. I make time. LOL I was just suprised i forgot. I was a very buzy bee during the day. I like to get mine in at rest time. πŸ™‚

  4. socalgrrrl05 says:

    Ugh I agree stress is a huge factor for heart disease AND other medical issues!

  5. PattysLife says:

    I appreciate you making the time to make your video πŸ™‚

    Good point you brought up about stress. Way to go thinking outside the box.

  6. TheWeightLossDiaries says:

    thanks I have been catching up on some of yours as well. GREAt job. i feel kinda stupid some times in my update. I am like a mouse in a wheel spinning my wheels not getting to far. BUT I know how to do it I hae come a long way I just have to get it together.

  7. TheWeightLossDiaries says:

    thanks. I know I really would like to lose. I have had past eyas I hav elost during theholidays. But notbeing able to really exercise is slowing me down. I am working my way back tho.

  8. pureimPUREfection says:

    That’s great that you were able to maintain during this hectic time of year…it’s so hard to diet during this season, but awesome job!

  9. taytay2befit says:

    good video ur soooo pretty!!!!

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